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indsendt 13. dec. 2008 05.21 af Thomas Tarnow   [ opdateret 13. dec. 2008 05.23 ]

Being disappointed about the performance of .NET and Oracle I looked at CouchDB as an alternative to the traditional relational database applications.

Installing CouchDB on Ubuntu Linux was easy with Synaptic Package Manager. After adding intrepid universe to the list of Third-Party Software repositories the couchdb package was available and installed in the blink of an eye.

Running CouchDB was even easier. Just type couchdb in the shell and you are up and running.

Pointing you browser to http://localhost:5984/_utils reveals the build-in database administration tool.

Following the partly out-dated guide Programming CouchDB with JavaScript I was able to get my very first CouchDB application, a very simple todo list, up and running.

It was necessary to install Firebug in order to find out that the json.js script referred in the guide is now called json2.js

The time has come to dig into some documentation for the CouchDb and jQuery APIs.